Amrit Support Activities for Masons and Traders

Counter Meet

To guide and educate masons, such meets are organized by the company where an Amrit certified engineer guides them regarding product specialty, good construction practices and finding the quality of materials used in construction. The engineers also provide healthy construction tips on corrective methods of durable construction.

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Mason Meet

These meets help to create awareness on correct usage of the product in construction site and also help to create a relation between the dealers and the customers. Mason Meets recognize good construction practices, measure quality of materials and provide corrective methods of constructional tips for making healthier homes.

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Dhalai Meet

Amrit Service engineers deliver the technical parameters and check the overall project, including reinforcement binding, shuttering, concrete mixing etc. for quality and durable construction. Cover block is also provided at the time of slab casting to maintain the gap between shuttering and reinforcement for healthier constructions.

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