Amrit Cement has been constantly working towards empowering and uplifting the surrounding community.
The central idea has been to improve the quality of life of people around its areas of operation in North East India and ensure a holistic development of its surrounding communities. The efforts are directed towards creating value and build a sustainable future.

Focus areas

Amrit Cement has identified four focus areas of community development and its initiatives are tailored in this direction
to improve the quality of life of the people.

"A heathy community is a happy community”. Amrit Cement truly believes in this statement and works towards creating a healthy community through various healthcare initiatives.

The Company has been undertaking extensive initiatives to reduce health problems of nearby communities and creating a healthy environment under the guidance of an expert team of medical staff.

Some of our Healthcare Initiatives include –

Health Check-Up Camps

Regular Health Check-Up Camps and Mobile Clinic Consultancy Programs are organized across nearby villages to offer free doctor’s consultation and medication.

Spreading Health Awareness

Educating villagers on various aspects of good health and preventive measures is actively taken up by the Amrit Team.

Distribution of Medicines

Amrit Cement undertakes periodic distribution of standard medication and Iron tablets at primary schools and to pregnant women.

Special Focus on Safe Motherhood of Community Women

Amrit recognizes the high instance of maternal deaths in India and has been working incessantly towards addressing this issue. The Company actively takes up initiatives towards ensuring safe motherhood, to reduce the mortality and morbidity ratio in its vicinity through various awareness programs under the guidance of experts like Auxiliary Nurses and Midwifes trained in General Nursing and Midwifery.

Some of the initiatives to ensure Safe Motherhood include:
  • Informing and sensitizing people regarding precautions to be taken before and after pregnancy.
  • Educating women about the importance of vaccines and immunization of the child.
  • Sensitizing women on malnutrition and its consequences on the child’s growth and development. Educating women on the right food intake during pregnancy and during the post-partum phase.
  • Supporting women by facilitating childbirth at government hospitals/dispensaries and availing various benefits under the ‘Jannani Suraksha Yojna’ scheme of the Government.
Awareness Programme for Adolescent Girl

Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. During this period, the young adult entering the adolescence phase goes through a series of physical, psychological, intellectual, personality and social developmental changes.

Recognizing the challenges faced by adolescents during this crucial phase, our Guidance Counseling Services encourage students' academic, social, emotional and personal development. Our specially trained counselors offer the right guidance to help students and society get to know themselves better and find effective solutions to their daily problems.

Amrit Cement strongly believes that education is the key to prosperity and success. Educating communities ensures future growth and empowerment and is one of the fundamentals of national development. With this thought in mind, the company undertakes various initiatives to not only improve primary education but at the same time make education accessible to all.

Some of our Education Initiatives include –

Distribution of books and stationery

Periodic distribution of books and stationery across the primary schools in the nearby villages.

Educating the girl child

Ensuring every child across nearby villages gets the basic primary education, with a special focus on educating the girl child.


Financial support to meritorious students to achieve their dreams of higher education.

Building school infrastructure

Supporting schools financially to improve school infrastructure and teaching equipment.

Educating the women

Night schools are organized for village women to get basic education.

Empowering communities through various skill development and empowerment initiatives has been our constant objective. Amrit is committed to creating a brighter tomorrow for the people of Assam, the area where it primarily operates in. Its empowerment initiatives are introduced with the objective of creating an employable community that is independent, progressive and self-sufficient.

Skill Development Trainings

Empowering the community, especially the women to become independent has been a constant goal of the company. Amrit Cement continuously supports skill development trainings in tailoring, pickles and sauce making, handicrafts making, organic farming among others.

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Various training programs are organized to encourage youth to learn vocational skills and find suitable jobs to become financially stable.

Community welfare and development has always been at the core of Amrit Cement’s CSR initiatives. We constantly try to touch the lives of our community members in a positive way and bring a smile on their faces.

The community is enriched through extensive CSR initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare, infrastructure, sports among others. Periodic community building initiatives are undertaken to strengthen this bond and to build a relationship where in case of any difficulties Amrit Cement can be reached out for help at any time.

It's a beautiful bond that has been created over a period of time and Amrit Cement truly cherishes and constantly works towards strengthening it.

A glimpse of our Community Building initiatives

Diwali celebrations with children of Noonmati Shishu Kalyan Kendra orphanage

Spreading the joy of Diwali, Amrit Cement took the initiative to light up the lives and bring a smile on the faces of the children of Noonmati Shishu Kalyan Kendra, an orphanage in Guwahati, Assam. It was a very special Diwali celebration with these children who were also gifted Amrit Goodie Bags with sweets and snacks.

Durga Puja celebrations at Mother’s Old Age Home

Amrit Cement has also believed in making all festivals and celebration more inclusive. In this respect, the Company celebrated Durga Puja by spreading joy and happiness among the elderly of 'Mother's Old Age Home' in Guwahati.

'Bidhashram’r Maa’r Xoite Maa Darshan' - an initiative that was aimed at the elderly mothers who, otherwise feel lonely while the city glitters in the festive spirit to worship the Goddess Mother. All the elderly mothers were gifted a traditional Assamese Gamocha and were taken to visit the nearby acclaimed Lakshi Mandir Durga Pandal.