Our commitment to bring a positive change

At Amrit, we are as much committed towards transforming the quality of people’s lives as much as we are committed towards the quality of our cement.

We acknowledge the responsibility we have towards the environment, people and the society at large, and undertake numerous initiatives towards bettering lives and brightening our tomorrows.

We strongly believe in contributing positively towards the environment and working with the community to keep our community safe and thriving.

  • CSR Vision

    "To create a happy, empowered community that thrives in a heathy environment."

  • CSR Mission

    To work with specially identified communities around our areas operations, to co-exist in harmony and embrace a holistic development for value creation.

CSR Objectives

  • To transform lives through result-oriented participatory approach
  • To work towards inclusive socio-economic growth of nearby communities and their sustainable future
  • To encourage and stimulate community participation
  • To create an environment of mutual trust and advantage for the community at large

Key Focus Areas


    Environment conservation has been one of the fundamentals of our sustainability approach and Amrit Cement endeavours to adhere to all best practices to protect the ecological balance of the planet.

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    Steadfast on our commitment to empower and uplift the surrounding communities, our CSR efforts are based on the four focus areas of community development – Healthcare, Education, Empowerment and Community Building.

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