Environment conservation has been one of the fundamentals of our sustainability approach and Amrit Cement endeavours to adhere to all best practices to protect the ecological balance of the planet.
Minimizing our environment footprints and giving back to nature to balance out natural resource consumption has continuously been our objective and our business principles are aligned in this direction.

How do we manage and reduce our environmental footprint?

Amrit Cement has identified four focus areas of community development and its initiatives are tailored in this direction to improve the quality of life of the people.

All our cement manufacturing facilities across North East India measure and control air emissions. Continuous monitoring of dust, NOx and SO2 emissions is adopted as a part of our best practices at our plant and rigorous measures are taken to reduce these emissions. Our focus is on training and enlightening the team to work towards this goal of better air management. Adopting advanced technologies, continuous environment data analysis, research and ensuring balanced yet optimum performance of the manufacturing infrastructure – all combined together helps us in getting one step closer each day in achieving our air management targets.
Steadfast on the principle of conservation of water resources, we ensure regulating our impact on fresh water resources by closely monitoring consumption and water pollution. Water recycling and encouraging use of this recycled water at our plant in Assam has been one of the predominant practices carried out in this respect that has largely curtailed fresh water depletion around our areas of operation. In addition to reducing freshwater withdrawal, periodically assessing water risks, enlightening the communities on importance of water conservation and sharing water and building infrastructure to make potable water available to nearby communities has been a part of our sustainability agenda.
At Amrit Cement, we ensure all our manufacturing facilities have an Environmental Management System in place to steer the Company in the right direction of environment protection. We ensure strict compliance to government standards and monthly monitoring is in place.

Environment Compliance Reports

Monthly Environment Monitoring Reports

Environment Initiatives

Amrit Cement has been committed towards creating a greener future for all through its focused environment conservation initiations. We have been conscious in encouraging greenery around our areas of operation in Assam through extensive green belt development programs. Numerous green initiatives are taken up periodically at the plant, colony, and across the nearby villages to reduce pollution levels and maintain a healthy environment in the surrounding area. Lining up the approach road of our Plant and the main road surrounding it with beautiful plants, Afforestation initiatives across nearby forest areas, Plantation drives around areas of operation including the village sports ground, church and school are some of the numerous Environment Initiatives driven by the Company.