In raw grinding, a ball mill with a high efficiency separator is used to achieve uniform particle size in raw mix for the next stages of the manufacturing process.

At the Cement Grinding Stage, 90 – 95% of the clinker is mixed with gypsum and ground in a Cement Ball Mill to produce quality cement OPC 43 and OPC 53. In case of PPC Cement, there is an addition of Fly Ash.

Features of our Cement Grinding Plant

  • Superior
    Grinding Efficiency

  • Large
    Handling Capacity

  • High

  • Quality
    Finished Products

How does the cement grinding plant work?

  • Clinker, gypsum and admixture – the three components are mixed in a certain specific proportion and transported on the belt conveyor to the cement mill for further grinding.
  • Cement roller press, cement ball mill, cement vertical mill is where the mix is further ground.
  • The cement mill grinds all materials into specific sizes and the particles are screened.
  • Post screening, the cement that meets the specification is sent to the cement storage silo with the help of a bucket elevator.
  • The finished Amrit Cement is packed using an electronically controlled 12 Spouted Roto Packer.
  • The Dust Collector treats the dust generated in the process to reduce air pollution.