Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC 43)

opc 33 grade cement

Amrit Cement is one of the leading OPC 43 grade cement manufacturers in North-East and West Bengal.

Amrit Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 43 Grade is considered one of the best OPC cement in North-East and North Bengal due to its superior quality. Amrit OPC 43 is the most basic form of cement with 95% clinker and 5% gypsum, attaining a minimum compressive strength of 43 MPA in 28 days.


No.1 Choice in the Construction Industry

Amrit OPC 43 Grade is a good quality, BIS-certified cement and is commonly used for the following –


Fresh, Healthy Cement for Healthy Homes

OPC 43 comes in specially design HDPE bags without using hooks to prevent the loss of cement and it maintains proper volume and ensure fresh cement deliver to end users.


Continued support and guidance

Amrit Cement has emerged as a leading OPC 43 cement manufacturers because it understands the importance of after-sales support and ensures 100% customer satisfaction through its dedicated after-sales support team.

Helping customers understand the quality parameters of aggregates, water, cement and overall construction, providing non-destructive testing and cube testing for concrete structures at site for better quality assurance are just among the many after-sales services offered by Team Amrit.

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