07th June, 2021

Learn about Healthy Cement.

By Amrit Cement

Cement is a finely ground organic hydraulic binder which when mixed with water forms a paste that sets and hardens through a hydraulic reaction. Better the quality of cement, stronger the setting and ultimately a more durable structure. Thus, quality of cement is of supreme importance in any kind construction.

Good quality cement has some unique properties that make the construction not only simpler but far more durable and high strength. The quality of concrete which is made by mixing cement, sand, water and other aggregates in the right proportions depends on the quality of cement being mixed in it. It is this good quality concrete made of fine cement that ensures a good quality structure.

Today, there are a number of top cement companies in the north east and other parts of India offering best quality PPC and OPC cement. In order to choose the best quality cement, one must do some research on the brands available in the market and understand what the merits of a good cement are. Once you know what to watch out for while procuring cement for your construction needs, you will always buy the best quality cement.

Check the following to buy the right cement for strong, durable and weather-proof structures

  • Strong Bonding

    Good quality cement exudes strong bonding properties. It holds the concrete mixture of cement, sand, water and other aggregates at the optimum level to build a strong and healthy structure.

  • Proper Setting

    The characteristic of a good quality cement should be such that it should quickly transform from fluid state to solid state – that is set firmly. Good concrete made with fine cement is dense and homogenous ensuring proper setting while constructing a healthy structure.

  • Maximum Strength

    Good quality cement is strong and has a very high compressive strength and low tensile strength. This ensures perfect BPS (Bonding & Proper Setting) that leads to a high-strength, durable construction.

  • Smooth Finishing

    The structure and fineness of a good quality cement gives smooth finishing, allows faster strength gaining and ensures long lasting durability. Ultra-fine cement is also more suitable for concrete mixing.

  • Moisture-proof Packaging

    PPC Cement comes with moisture-proof bags. This kind of high quality packaged product may cost 2% to 3% more, but it offers as much as 25% to 35% greater strength and durability. Moisture-proof packaging improves the shelf life of the cement, keeps it fresh, free from moisture and humidity. It is always advisable to use fresh cement and check the date of manufacturing on the cement bag as the cement loses its strength with time. The fresher the cement, the stronger it will be.

  • Tamper-resistant, Zero Leakage Packaging

    The bag containing the cement should be properly laminated and packaged in a way that the product cannot be tampered. There should be no stitching on the bags or any kind of tampering on the bag. Avoid buying hook use bags as these often have leakages resulting in loss of cement quantity and also compromised quality as moisture enters from the leakages.

  • ISI Marked, Branded Cement

    For guaranteed quality, one should always procure cement of a reputed brand from authorised sources only. There are numerous brands available in the market today with some of the top cement companies in India and the north east offering best PPC, OPC and other grades of cement. Remember to always check the ISI mark on the cement bag for assurance of quality. MRP, Net Weight and IS code printed on the bag should also be checked.