07th June, 2021

Tips to Identify Healthy Cement

By Amrit Cement

Planning to build your dream home? Want to be a 100% sure about the strength and durability of the construction? Always keep in mind that if you want a strong and durable home that will stand tall for years, make sure you opt for the best quality building materials with special focus on the quality and grade of the cement being used. If the cement is superior quality healthy cement and of the right grade such as OPC 43 grade cement, OPC 53 grade cement or PPC Cement suitable for the particular construction, the structure will be robust, long-lasting and even earth-quake resistant for those building homes in earthquake prone areas such as North East India. Remember, healthy cement means healthy home.

Making Healthy Concrete using Heathy Cement

To ensure the concrete being used in the construction project is healthy, it is important to monitor each step of concrete making right from selection of cement and ingredients, mixing, placing, compaction and curing. There are certain crucial things that one needs to check before buying cement for construction.

  • Check the Manufacturing Date

    Always check the date of manufacturing before buying a cement bag because the strength of cement decreases with time. Ideally, cement should be used within 90 days from the date of manufacturing.

  • Check the Trademark, ISI Mark and Brand

    For assured quality, remember to check the cement bag for Registered Trademark and ISI Mark. Always remember to buy best quality cement from a reputed brand. There are many good cement dealers in the North East and other parts of India - purchase your cement from a trusted cement dealer for a healthy structure.

  • Check the Net Weight and MRP

    Check the cement bag for proper quantity as printed. To avoid loss of quantity, do not buy hook use bags. Also, check the MRP before buying a cement bag to ensure you are not being overcharged.

  • Check the Cement Grade

    Different types of constructions require different grades of cement. Check the grade of the cement –whether it is OPC 43 grade cement, OPC 53 grade cement or best PPC Cement – use the one that is appropriate for your construction need.

    IS code printed on the bag should also be checked to compare to grades of cement for Healthier Concrete.

  • Check the Colour of the Cement

    A good quality, healthy cement should be grey in colour with a light greenish shade. It should be homogenous in consistency.

  • Check the Cement for Lumps

    Fresh cement is always moisture-free and without any lumps. It should feel smooth when rubbed in between fingers. Check the cement thoroughly for any lumps and do not buy it if is lumpy as this may affect construction strength.

  • Check if the Cement Floats

    Good quality cement floats in water for some time before sinking. To ensure strong and durable construction, cement should be checked for quality by throwing a small quantity into a bucket of water before mixing it to make concrete. If the OPC 43 grade cement, OPC 53 grade cement or PPC Cement that you plan to use floats in water for a while before sinking, you can be sure about its quality.

  • Check for Setting

    Take a small quality of cement, mix water to make a thick paste and spread it on a glass plate. Keep this plate under water for 24 hours. When you take it out, if the cement is of good quality, the concrete will be perfectly set without any cracks.

  • Temperature Check

    Thrust your hand into the cement bag and you should feel a certain amount of coolness. If the cement feels cool, the quality may be considered satisfactory. Poor quality cement feels warm in your hand.