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Cement Tips

  • Smooth texture makes Cement Better

    Good quality cement should always feel smooth when rubbed in between fingers. Do this test for a Healthier Construction!
  • Fresher the cement Better the Strength

    Always check the manufacturing date before buying a cement bag. Fresh cement ensures a healthier construction.
  • Keep the quality intact Avoid using Hooks on Bags

    Do not use hooks as these can puncture the bags causing loss of cement quantity and quality.
  • For guaranteed quality Check ISI Mark

    Always check the ISI Mark and the IS Code which is printed on the bag to ensure Healthier Concrete.
  • For assured quantity Check Net Weight of the Bag

    Don’t just go by what is printed on the cement bag! Always check the net weight which is mentioned on the bag for proper quantity.
  • Pay the right price Check the Printed MRP

    Always check the MRP printed on the bag before buying cement to avoid any kind of fraud.
  • Want Good Quality Cement? Check if it is Lump-Free

    Always check the cement bag for any lumps formed as a result of absorption of moisture from the atmosphere. Lump-free cement ensures Healthier Construction!
  • Good quality cement is Cement that does not Crack

    Make a thick paste of cement with water on a piece of a glass plate and submerge it underwater for 24 hours. If it is set and not cracked, you have a great cement in your hands!
  • Fresh cement is The Strongest

    Check the manufacturing date/batch number, etc. and choose cement that is fresh or recently packed for Healthier Construction!
  • Good construction begins with the Right Cement Grade

    Check the grade of the cement i.e. OPC43, OPC53, PPC and choose the grade of cement that is right for that particular construction.
  • To prove the rest Try the Floating Test

    Thrust your hand into the cement bag and see if it gives out a cool feeling. If it does, that means no hydration reaction is taking place in the bag and the cement is of the best quality.


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